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Around 500,000 people have diabetes in Sweden… let me tell you the split:
– 85-90% of those with diabetes have type 2 diabetes, which makes it the most common diabetes disease in Sweden. Higher chance to get type 2 with age as 10-20 percent of the population over the age of 65 gets the disease. Also statistics shows when moving in from another country and people who move in often also get sick earlier than Swedish-born.

– Around 50,000 people have type 1 diabetes (Like myself) , of which about 7,000 are children. The number of children suffering from type 1 diabetes has almost doubled from the 1980s until today, but the increase has stopped and the numbers are relatively stable at present.

I might be too young, but am determined to fight the big battle toward healthy life .. join me !

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What makes my products sweet ?

TAGATESSE Low Carb: The next big thing!

Pastries, ice cream, puddings, biscuits… We all have sweet tooth! But what if you want to live healthier? want to lose weight? Or, if you suffer from diabetes like me? Tagatesse comes to the rescue! It’s the ideal sweetener for sweet tooth, without the guilt!

Tagatesse is a Tagatose derived sweetener. it’s a natural ingredient derived from lactose, delicious and provide numerous health benefits. With Tagatesse you don’t need to worry about putting on extra pounds as it only contains 1.76 kilocalories per gram, whereas natural sugar contains 4 kilocalories per gram… you do the math!
With Tagatesse you can create tasty treats to put on the table. Simply replace your usual amount of sugar in hot or cold dishes with half that amount of Tagatesse. It is guaranteed to retain its sweetness (even at high temperatures) and is tasty too!

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OBS! Tagatose comes from Lactose but its most certainly suitable for lactose intolerant people.


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